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Has anyone else noticed that the author has already submitted this before? Neenja Vol. 1-4. Now i'm not saying that the work is bad, its well written, animated and put together. I'm just wondering why this is getting a front page everything he post this stuff, he already posted it.

Sykohyko responds:

Lol I've had to explain myself a 100 times already. I'm done explaining. If you take a minute to look around you'll realize why I resubmitted.


Its either stick figures fighting like the lame dragon ball Z style or Sprites. Don't get me wrong Sprite animation is great but when you keep seeing these lame ass DBZ redux You just wanted to blame them.



I would have to agree. The twilight movie/book was horribly written. I like your version better. I mean c'mon, what kind of wuss of a vampire sparkles when he is exposed to the sun. That is just as lame as a ninja in a orange jump suit.

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This is a bad game. The graphics are good and the game play is solid. I only have a few problem with the game.

You could have made the levels serperate instead of all bunched together. You could have also put some music in the game to make it more lively. Good luck with this and keep up the good work:)

This is Great!!

Wow this is like the Eye Toy....but for newgrounds. This game is fantastic. I was popping bubbles with a lit cigarette. It doesn't get better than this. Keep up the good work!

EliteNewbie responds:

Haha, you people just keep getting more and more creative with your "bubble popping" objects... glad you enjoyed it!

Ten points man!

Hey man good job. 10 points man! *thumbs up *

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Great tone for only 128kbit/s.

You captured the songs tone well and did a fantastic jobs on putting out something clean. Always loved you work. As for the "More Rage on the heavy parts" I think they mean you might want to righten up your low ends on your guitar and maybe put just a bit more mids into it. Then again this may just be the quality in which you uploaded it. Other than that awesome work.

Great stuff man.

Too bad I cannot add this into the X Box version. Good stuff and keep it up. Also for pain55, maybe you should get a pair of contact lenses or glasses and read.

Eh. Not bad

The remake is good and all the notes from what I can tell are correct. It just lacking with the mixing. Otherwise good job. Keep it up

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Nothing wrong with something weird or random. It looks good and its eye catching. Good job:)

Spark062 responds:

Yeah if you hold it up to the light ... the veins actually look like their popping out.

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